Bundle Carrying Method and Cease and Desist Order

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Thursday November 26 2015

As indicated in previous bulletins, CUPW filed grievance N00-12-00017 along with an application for a cease and desist order challenging Canada Post’s response to the Golder & Associates Report. The report deals with the bundle-carrying options the firm had examined on the basis of the joint mandate it had received.

CUPW submitted an application for a cease and desist order to Michel Picher, and the parties appeared before him on October 28, 2015. The employer immediately challenged arbitrator Picher’s jurisdiction to hear the application. In a decision rendered on November 6, 2015, arbitrator Picher sustained the employer’s objection, stating the dispute had to be heard by arbitrator Kevin Burkett as part of grievance N00-07-00032.

The parties appeared before arbitrator Burkett on November 18, 2015. In evidence, the Union submitted five affidavits from union representatives and Group 2 members.  The employer submitted three affidavits from its national representatives. Counsels then reviewed the core content of these affidavits with the arbitrator seized of the dispute.

Along with the arbitrator, we also watched a CPC training video on the “back-to-back” method.

However, in view of the extensive evidence involved, the parties were not able to complete the hearing in a single day. The parties retained December 14, 2015 to continue the hearing.  We should be able to complete the presentation of our case for the cease and desist order on that date.

We will keep you informed of any developments in this matter.

The struggle continues!


In solidarity, 

Carl Girouard
National Union Representative - Grievances (French) (2008-2019)