Canada Post Cuts RSMC Wages

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Tuesday December 22 2015
Negotiations Bulletin 4

Following the last meeting between the Chief Negotiators of CUPW and Canada Post, management has decided to move forward with the removal of close to $4 million in annual wages of over 1,000 RSMC members with no reduction in the workload of their routes. These “red circled” employees have received this pay in some cases for many years.

For many members, the loss of income will be devastating. Many of them will not be able to continue the processing and delivering of mail and may even consider leaving the Post Office because of this decision for short term savings. The long term cost to Canada Post could cost the Corporation more through increased hiring, training, administrative expenses or inflated contractor costs.

Canada Post is relying on specific language in the collective agreement while ignoring other specific language and the provisions of the Canada Labour Code that extend the working conditions until a new contract is negotiated or the parties have exhausted the bargaining process under the Code.

CUPW’s Response

We have filed an Unfair Labour Practice complaint under section 94 of the Canada Labour Code alleging a violation of section 50(b) of the Code. We have also filed an Application for an Interim Order under the Code that would prevent Canada Post from implementing their decision until the final decision regarding the Union’s complaint has been rendered.

The Real Solution

The proper way to deal with wages for RSMC workers is through negotiations for a new collective agreement. RSMCs essentially perform the same work as letter carriers yet in many cases earn substantially less and work many hours in a week or month without proper compensation.

CUPW will provide updates on the complaints filed before the Canadian Industrial Relations Board.

In Solidarity,

George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
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