Our public postal office is fully capable of providing secure delivery of legalized marijuana

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Monday December 21 2015

Jody Wilson-Raybould
Minister of Justice
1245 West Broadway
Suite 104
Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7

RE: Distribution of marijuana

Dear Minister,

As you are aware, the government has signaled its intention to legalize and regulate the production and distribution of marijuana in Canada.  CUPW welcomes the end of the prohibition era and looks forward to a time free of such harmful policies.

As your government develops its plan to regulate the distribution of marijuana, we would like to draw your attention to the current methods which are in place for access to medical cannabis. 

While changes brought in by the previous government were extremely harmful in terms of access and cost for patients, they were also positive in that they allowed for a greater selection of strains and developed a secure distribution method between patients and suppliers. 

Currently the only legal way to obtain cannabis is through the mail.

Canada Post is fully capable of providing secure delivery of cannabis, in a timely manner, while verifying ID of the customer and even requiring a signature. There are other controls currently in place (such as the requirement of proof of purchase while in possession of medical cannabis) which may or may not be useful in the post-prohibition era.

It is our belief that this system could simply be extended to those seeking access to cannabis for personal or recreational use.  This plan would maintain the high security standards which are currently in place and could be accomplished quickly and efficiently utilizing existing federal infrastructure: our public post office.


Mike Palecek
National President



Cc        Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister

            Judy Foote, Minister of public Services and Procurement

            CUPW National Executive Board Members