OVERLOAD: A study on the impact of Postal Transformation on the work-life balance of CUPW members

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Wednesday January 28 2015

Since the initial implementation of Postal Transformation (PT) in 2010, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) regularly heard from members about increased stress, increased overtime, loss of day shifts, changes to work hours, and fewer opportunities for job rotation, transfers or promotions. As a result of these changes to the workplace, the union heard from locals that many members indicated they were unable to exercise control over their work environment and schedules, and that balancing work and family responsibilities had become increasingly difficult.

In fall 2013, the union launched a third party study to identify, document and analyze the positive and negative impacts arising from the introduction of PT. The findings are intended to provide the union with quantitative information needed to explore if and how it can help reduce identified work-life conflict and minimize the challenges arising from PT.

This report presents the findings from the study, which explores the impact of PT on the work-life balance of CUPW members. The study was undertaken between September 2013 and September 2014 in five locals: St. John’s, Montreal, Scarborough, Winnipeg and Edmonton. It included a literature review, 16 focus groups, and a survey of members in the five locals. The survey was also conducted via telephone interview…