Peel Warehouse Workers Centre and the COVID-19 Crisis

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Tuesday April 28 2020

On January 19, CUPW launched The Warehouse Workers Centre - Peel. Located in Brampton, it’s a place for workers to gather, access resources, get training, and organize. 

The centre hosts workshops on worker rights, health and safety, and organizing skills. It’s also helping workers by guiding them through EI and CERB applications, getting access to WSIB, and dealing with bad bosses.

Peel region is home to some of the largest and richest companies in Canada. Most of these employers offer precarious jobs with low pay and dangerous working conditions. With one of the highest costs of living in the country, the workers of Peel are struggling to make ends meet, while their bosses make huge profits.

CUPW is the logistics union. We have almost 4000 members who live in Peel region, and their families, neighbours, and friends are affected by the lack of good, secure and safe jobs. We know this type of work and we’re committed to fighting for good jobs for all.



COVID-19 has turned the bad working conditions in warehousing and logistics worse. Paid sick leave and other protections are desperately needed.  Employers, some of whom are profiting massively from this crisis, are not doing enough to protect workers.

CUPW is committed to helping the vulnerable. Please sign the petition at demanding  better protections for warehouse workers.


What’s good for Peel’s Workers is Good for CUPW

CUPW supports the Warehouse Workers Centre because the struggles in the logistics sector connect to the struggles in the community. Issues in housing, transportation, racism, childcare, and others are a reflection of the corporate control of Peel politics. When the WWC addresses community issues, it is trying to solve the problems our members struggle with daily.

As Gagandeep Kaur, a CUPW member-organizer in Peel, said at the WWC launch: “We’re worried that conditions are falling way below what anyone deserves. We are concerned about huge issues of health and safety of workers in Peel. And we believe that workers in Peel warehousing deserve better.”

Even more so during the COVID crisis, workers need support and space to work collectively and address urgent problems. As CUPW members who have already negotiated health and safety protections, we know the difference it makes. Right now, it’s literally a matter of life and death.

Support the WWC and a better future for all logistics and warehouse workers! Their struggle is our struggle!.


In solidarity,

Jean-Philippe Grenier
3rd National Vice-President