The tide has turned, but the struggle continues

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Thursday October 29 2015

Sisters and Brothers, we must thank our activists and our allies for their incredible work. Canada Post has finally suspended its plan to eliminate home delivery.

We have preserved delivery to the door for more than 4 million points of call, and saved thousands of full-time jobs. 

This is a huge victory for the union and it is thanks to the tireless efforts of CUPW activists, members, staff and allies everywhere.


We Can Reverse These Cuts

We know that the victory has come too late for many of us. Thousands of points of call have already been converted to CMB delivery. Members everywhere are stressed out and overworked.

So we have to keep the pressure up on the federal government to reverse the cuts the Conservatives made to our postal service. Restoring delivery to homes affected by the cuts since 2013, and expanding our services will save even more decent jobs.

CUPW just showed (again) that taking action gets results. Now it’s time to show we know how to make things better, not only for postal workers, but for the public that we serve.


Moving Canada Post Into Our Future

The Liberals have promised a study and we will ensure they deliver on that promise.

We want to have a fully public review, where we’ll get the opportunity not only to push back against the threat of further cuts, but to show that our postal system should continue to serve community and public needs, putting its profits back into society, rather than lining the pockets of the private sector.

The challenge that lies before us is to demonstrate that Canada Post can generate new revenue streams such as public postal banking. We can also suggest improved services such as a national seniors’ program and continue to build on the valuable work our members have done with community alliances and public support.

We should all take a moment to reflect on this success and consider the struggles that lie ahead. Thank you once again!


In solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)