Votes On The Demands

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Friday November 6 2015

You had your say on the Program of Demands. Here are the results:

  • Urban Unit Vote: 94% in favour
  • RSMC Unit Vote:  82% in favour


RSMC Vote on Seniority

RSMC members also voted on proposed changes to the calculation of their seniority. The results of this vote are as follows: 91% in favour


Work of the Negotiating Committees

The work of the negotiating committees involves meeting with various departments at the CUPW national office, developing arguments, and gathering information in support of your demands. This represents a tremendous amount of work, but the negotiating committees will soon be ready to meet with the employer.

We expect to serve notice to bargain for both committees in mid-November. Negotiations meetings should start in December.


Our Solidarity

Negotiations are never easy, and this round will not be any different. However, with your unwavering support and solidarity, we will achieve better working conditions for all members of both units, while improving and protecting a successful universal public postal service that is valued by all citizens.

Negotiations are not just the responsibility of a few individuals, but of all postal workers.

Get involved in all activities; show your support! Our future depends on it.

In Solidarity,

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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